Jazwares – A Complete Review Of Blippi Mini Vehicles

Blippi Toys - Mini Vehicles

If your child is a fan of the humorous and educational Blippi series on YouTube, the chances are that they might want to take their passion one step further. The channel aims to encourage kids to look at the world around them and learn more about their surroundings. With educational content that ranges from teaching your child about numbers, colors, the alphabet, and more, many parents rely on fun Blippi videos to help educate their child.

The Wonders of Blippi Toys:

To carry on with the educational aspect of Blippi, there’s only so much you can do through video. As such, Jazwares have now released a plethora of Blippi Toys that range from Plush Dolls to small miniature roleplay sets, with each having a unique design and premise. The one common factor between all these Blippi Toys is their robust quality and excellent colors and visuals. Today, we’re going to be providing you with a complete review of Blippi’s Mini Vehicles and what makes them unique.

Blippi Toys – Mini Vehicles:

The Blippi Mini Vehicles come in an assortment of four unique styles. Each of these mini vehicles is from a particular episode of Blippi, which ensures that your child will instantly resonate with them. The toys are made up of safe plastic and are of exceptionally high quality.

The vehicles consist of a Fire Truck, Garbage Truck, Excavator, and the Blippi Mobile. All of them have a unique Blippi from an episode seated inside them to further your child's excitement! All of these vehicles are sold separately, with each featuring free-wheeling. This feature lets your child move the vehicles around at a zooming pace around the room!

Unique Features: Each vehicle offers a unique feature. You can pop the engine open on the Blippi Mobile or open the Garbage Truck’s back and recycle. Plus, you can dig up some gravel and shove it inside the Excavator or raise the ladder completely in the Fire Truck.

Blippi Toys - Mini Vehicles

Just like the actual episodes, your child will learn a whole lot more about these vehicles, who uses them, and why they are used as he interacts with each of them. The unique features let your child understand the difference between these vehicles and why they are tailor-made for a particular purpose.

The product itself is resilient to most throws and crashes. The high-quality plastic ensures that the vehicles do not degrade over time and are easily washable if needed. They are the perfect gift for any child who’s a fan of Blippi or for parents who wish to educate their kid on specialized vehicles and what purpose each of them serves. Collecting all four of these Blippi Toys serves as a reminder of iconic episodes from the show.

With exemplary build quality, excellent durability, unique, specialized features for each toy, and a free-wheeling feature that lets your child repetitively play with these vehicles, we can wholeheartedly recommend this as a gift to any child who’s a big fan. Of Blippi!

Blippi Toys - Mini Vehicles

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