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Into the World of CoComelon Songs: Kids Favourites

Into the World of CoComelon Songs

If you’ve overheard your child singing the Bath Song, the Car Wash Song, or even the sharing song, these catchy tunes are from the wonderful world of CoComelon.  With such catchy nursery rhymes and vivid animations, CoComelon has managed to make sure all children remain glued to their screens.

In no time, the brand has become immensely popular. It now aims to expand its empire beyond YouTube by launching its merchandise and products specifically designed for its die-hard pre-schooler fans. 

Not only are CoComelon songs the perfect entertainment for children, they are also helpful in learning and exploring different themes in the rhymes such as about sharing, hygiene and manners.

The vibrant cartoons and soft musical jingles are very attracting and capture the attention of the little viewers almost immediately! Thus, they are a great help to parents who are struggling to feed or pacify their children, CoComelon keeps them busy so the parents can relax!

CoComelon has proved to be a lifesaver for parents who struggle to satisfy their fussy toddlers and pre-schoolers. 

All About CoComelon

Surprisingly, CoComelon wasn't the original name of the channel and series. We went through various rebranding phases to reach where it is today. 

ThatsMEonTV in 2016

In mid-2006, Cocomelon, previously known as ThatsMEonTV, emerged on YouTube by uploading videos that aimed to tell children about basic vocabulary. 

The videos were usually of short duration- lasting about a minute or two. They mainly focused on teaching about the alphabets in various creative ways. 

ABC Kid TV in 2013

Later in 2013, it revamped by introducing a new theme song and a new logo and was now known as ABC Kid TV. The channel continued creating their famed alphabet videos mainly and later transitioned to jingles and poems. 

With the introduction of colourful 3D animation in their jingles and poems, they were able to gain a lot of popularity. Their videos were not only visually appealing and engaging but also with catchy audios, tunes and beats. Their style allowed little viewers to enter a world of their own- keeping them completely engrossed!

The Birth Of Cocomelon In 2018

During summer 2018, the company rebranded by changing its name to Cocomelon. They introduced a new theme song and its signature logo that features a smiley-faced watermelon that resembles a traditional box TV set. Since the channel is American, the uploaded videos were also in English.

CoComelon Songs

By making content that is both entertaining and educational, Cocomelon has made the toddler’s screen times much more interactive, purposeful and productive. In times of the global pandemic when the world seems to have paused, Cocomelon has continued to keep children busy. They are creating videos that are full of life and reflect a lot of positivity and harmony. 

The videos revolve around the daily events and activities of children, adults, and animals that seem to be quite exciting and intriguing for the children. The exceptionally advanced graphics and animation help capture the attention and help children retain them. CoComelon Wheels on the Bus and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star are two of its most viewed and popular rhymes. 

Cocomelon has given a new stance to learning by making it extremely fun and memorable. According to research, interactive activities and fun learning have proven to be quite effective. It helps preschoolers explore the world of colours, letters, number, phonetics and vocabulary around them. 

Instead of leaving children unsupervised and allowing them endless hours of screen, it’s better to make them learn about different things and help develop their observational skills. The catchy jingles and play education allow parents to teach and play along with their children to bond and spend time together. 

CoComelon Merchandise

After ruling the kid’s world for a long time, the company decided to expand its empire beyond videos by making CoComelon toys for their fans. In early 2020, they introduced toys in the market that were based on these famous characters. 

Moreover, recently they also launched their apparel - featuring the famous logo and characters. If your child is obsessed with CoComelon, you are surely sorted for what to get them for their birthday. From shirts to plush dolls, bath time toys and musical toy vehicles, you can easily find almost everything for your child with a CoComelon theme.

The CoComelon Animal Dance T-shirt is quite appealing for younger children because of its striking colour contrast. The Lets play T-Shirt is also super popular among toddlers. Mummies love to buy these cute clothes for their little ones. 

CoComelon Musical Toys

No CoComelon toy is complete without their catchy nursery rhymes. Learning and listening and most of all, fun is paramount in all our musical toys. After the CoComelon Wheels on the Bus became a hit, creating a musical yellow bus toy was necessary. 

If your child is a fan of collecting plush dolls, then the CoComelon’s J.J plush doll will surely be their favourite. Soft to touch, perfect for cuddling and hugging, the J.J plush dolls are not only your child’s ultimate companion but also a great source of entertainment. What makes this plush doll fun is that it hums its famous phrases when you press it. It even sings the iconic "Yes Yes Bedtime" song!

CoComelon Gifts

If you’re someone who’s looking for unique gifts for your child apart from those typical dolls and cars, you will get lots of options by CoComelon!

With CoComelon expanding its creative domain every day by introducing something new in the market for their viewers, that day isn’t far when these series might even feature an animated movie! Their unique sense of animation, video direction and imagination make them one of the most loved shows and the songs almost never leave your head! Have a look at their toys and you might end up picking one for yourself too!

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